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Project Update


At SwitchED we are working towards Ofsted registration and you can view our progress here:

Paperwork required to support the application

• A statement that the school is an independent school

• A plan showing the layout of the premises and any accommodation provided

• Detailed curriculum plan and schemes of work for all subjects and year groups and student assessment procedures

• The written behaviour policy setting out, amongst other matters, the sanctions to be adopted in the event of pupil misbehaviour

• Particulars of the school's arrangements to safeguarding and promote the welfare of pupils at the school and how those have regard to guidance issued by the secretary of state

• Particulars of the anti-bullying strategy

• The complaints procedure

School Standards

 Progress to date

Quality of education

The quality of education is outlined within the plan and arrangements are made to ensure continuous quality assurance.

Spiritual, moral, and cultural development of pupils

The SMSC development is embedded within daily routines and lessons (identified within lesson plans). An emphasis of SMSC can be identified in the regular reviews between referring school and SwitchED 2.

Welfare, health and safety of pupils and fire precautions

Health and safety will be monitored via and independent company to identify hazards and advise on appropriate control measures and assist in developing a health and safety policy.

Admissions and attendance registers

Admission and attendance registers will be completed each morning and reported back to the provider school for their records.

The suitability of proprietors and staff

All staff employed or working alongside making contact will be required to complete an enhanced DBS application and induction programme which will outline the SwitchED 2 ethos and policies.

Premises of and accommodation at schools

The premises are currently in the planning application process and as part of this evidence of sustainability is required.

The provision of information

Provision information is outlined within the SwitchED 2 plan. Provision information is outlined wthin the SwitchED 2 plan.

The manner in which complaints are to be handled

The complaints procedure will be produced and displayed on the SwitchED 2 website.

Quality of leadership and management of schools

The quality will be monitored via development plans and its achievements against dates set. A link with another school will be established to advise on leadership and management and also to assist in work moderation and quality assurance.


Currently we are in the designing and planning stages, my vision is to have 2 log cabins to provide an indoor environment that will accompany the outdoor learning space. 

Kitchen / Diner Cabin 

We will have a space to develop independent living skills as well as enjoy a family dining experience during lunchtimes. Design technology session will be run from here and pupils will be able to access creative and experiential learning.

Indoor Group Work Cabin

The group work cabin provides a space for pupils to consolidate their experience from the outdoors and develop numeracy and literacy skills. Toilet, wash and cloakroom area is provided to get cleaned up from the outdoors during the 'not so nice weather', yes we will be working in all kinds of weather!

Recreational Area

We are aiming to provide an area for pupils to relax and enjoy a social space during break times. We will encourage pupils to enjoy the space, for younger pupils to develop imagination and play with peers and the older pupils can enjoy this area to exercise and develop physical ability.